12 month Online Intensive Mentorship &

Optional Facilitators Training Program

With Juliet Haines 




a year long program starting march 2019! 
these teachings support a path of awakening and transformation
through sexuality, love and intimacy. 

Juliet Haines teachings guide women into a discovery of who they truly are, through the awakening of their feminine sexual essence in union with their inner masculine 

When a woman’s radiant fire of love awakens she starts to live from her true essence. 
All her layers of protection and conditioning become alive to be felt and released through her body. 
The pure aliveness and love of a woman’s sexuality can then flow wild and freely with love. 
her body becomes filled with bliss, She embraces her power and her heart opens in radiant light.
She comes home to who she truly is, Embodied in her divinity, knowing why she is here. 
igniting her power into the world.
From this place of deep love, she hears the song of her feminine wisdom. 
She is called to shine her unique feminine essence into her relationships, creations and the world.
When women support each other on this profound discovery, grace emerges and beauty is ignited.
It is through the awakening our feminine sexual essence that a new world can be birthed.
This is our power and potential as women.
We invite you on this profound journey of deep awakening of the feminine with women across the world!
This journey is going to take sometime. It requires an intimate commitment to yourself for a year long discovery.
During month 6 the women who have been fully committed to the Intensive Mentorship shall be
invited to join the additional 8 month Facilitators Training Program. 

Why Women Close To Their Feminine Sexual Essence

At essence women are radiant love and this love starts to close down at core with their fathers. Trying to get their fathers attention and love the young girl creates these strategies to get love, approval and validation.

She sees girlfriends at school getting more attention from boys so she starts to compare herself to her friends and compete for attention.

As a teenager through media she receives images of what a sexy desirable woman looks like so she tries to change her body constantly judging the way she looks.


She disconnects from her inner beauty and becomes fixated about how she looks on the outside. She fears she is not attractive enough so she manipulates her sexuality to get a man's attention. She sees how her mother is dependent on her father for safety and security and how unhappy her mother is so she decides to become highly financially independent and emotionally autonomous.


At some point she completely opens and fully loves a man and the man leaves her so now she holds her heart back and doesn't trust men.


When she achieves in life she is valued, but when she loves, deeply opens and feels she gets hurt so she focuses on achieving. She may settle for a safe man out of fear of being alone and not a man that touches the depth of her heart. Or she may do what her mother did and settle for a man that can provide for her and be a good father and companion. Her sexuality becomes another thing she is obligated to do or she uses her sexuality to get what she wants.


These layers of protection form as tension, tightness and hardness in her body. Especially around her heart, womb, belly and yoni. Her feminine sexual essence becomes blocked and her feelings repressed. Her body can form a flat straight shape and her movements can become directed and angular. Her true heart's desire becomes numbed and her deep feminine wisdom closed.


Deep down in the essence of who she is, as woman she has this longing this yearning that is calling her to awaken to the radiant love that she is and to shine this gift of love into the world. To magnetize her reciprocal, a deep man of integrity committed to love who ignites the depth of her heart and the radiance of her feminine sexual essence.


Juliet's gift to this world is to guide women through a journey of releasing these layers of protection in their bodies and hearts created through their conditioning and experiences. Where they reconnect with who they truly are as woman. Freeing themselves into radiant love and creating from their essence in the world.



The Gifts Of The Mentorship Program

March 2019 - February 2020

Women are guided by Juliet Haines, an international teacher and facilitator, who has led hundreds of women across the world on this profound transforming journey. 

* Embrace your full passion and power as a woman

* Discover the mystery and magnitism of the feminine

* Open your radiant beauty embodying your sexual essence

* Be fully alive, in your creativity and bliss

* Create a union of your inner masculine and feminine

* Embody radiant love in your intimacy with self, others and the world 

* Know why you are here and ignite your true gift into the world

It is time to turn within, to heal and release all that has been limiting you
from your personal past and collective conditioning. 

* Clear blocks that close your feminine sexual essence and release conditioned patterns and shaping

* Love your body and intimately meet yourself in compassion and gentleness 

* Discover the mystical and magnetic qualities of your feminine sexual essence

* Express and embody your full range of feelings

* Honor yoni as your inspiration and the gateway to your inner wisdom

* Become clear about what you want and don’t want in your intimacy with others and in your life

* Access your power igniting your full potential with love

* Open your heart, feel your longing and know you are love

* Feel your raw vulnerability and intimately meet all the parts of yourself with love

* Recognize and release the ways you have manipulated your sexuality to get love, attention, validation 

* Rediscover your pure innocence and embody your wildness

* Awaken your throat speaking your truth for manifestation 

* Create a union between your inner masculine and feminine, cultivating wholeness within 

* Release the strategies of pushing and pulling in intimacy, which come from your abandonment wounding 

* Deepen intimacy with yourself in your partnership and with life

* Open to awakening intimate relationship for transformation and healing

* Embrace your sexuality for transformation and creating in the world from the divine feminine 

* Come into solidarity of who you truly are and your fullness in devotion to your purpose

* Connect with your unique essence, know why you are here and birth your gift to the world

* Form loving and supportive sisterhood relationships across the world

You shall learn a series of *Sexual Awakening as Embodied Love* practices engaging breath, subtle body movements, awareness and sound. Other processes involve free movement, journaling, contemplation, meditation, truthful reflection and sacred touch. 
All practices are to cultivate the awakening of your divine feminine essence in union with your inner masculine for embodiment of who you truly are, as woman. 
You shall be held by Juliet in a safe and sacred container of love and presence. 


12 modules of live calls, teaching materials, mentoring and practices
*A live monthly "teaching session" video call with Juliet
​*A written PDF document of the teaching materials 
*Reflection questions for contemplation and digestion 
*Practice videos for each module demonstrated by Juliet
*A second monthly live "practice and mentoring session" video call with Juliet
*private facebook group to share with the women on the course
*A course website to access all materials
*loving and supportive sisterhood relationships across the world
*a safe held container supported by JuLIET's transmission
*deepened intimacy with yourself, intimate relationship and with life
*embodiment of your full passion, bliss, power and creativity
*awakened feminine sexual essence in union with your masculine
*birthing of your unique gift from your feminine into the world
*a path of awakening to who you are through sexuality, love and intimacy 

12 month intensive mentorship program

MARCH 2019 - FEBRUARY 2020!
registration is now open!



"I love the deep connections Juliet facilitates, both within our selves and each other. She transmits an exquisite presence of the Divine Feminine, meets women where they are and has a gift of holding women in soft love and laser sharp clarity. At one point in the workshop Juliet asked us to express our sexuality through subtle body movement. I looked around the circle of women and in that moment realized that I wanted to share my love, my sexual life force with all the women. I began to dance from each woman to the next, offering my sexual essence to them as an expression of my love. I came to Juliet and we began a connection of raw, pure power. My entire body pulsated with aliveness. It was apparently spellbinding, as described by the woman watching. I felt so much life, fire flowing through me! This was revolutionary to realize how much I had inside. Since the retreat I continue to work on deepening this within myself and sharing this with my husband and the world. We had a very stagnant sexual intimacy and now connect deeper with more meaningful lovemaking."

—  Janice Butler, Family Councilor for 30 years, Canada
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Ignite your feminine sexual essence into your throat as the power of manifestation through your spoken word. 

Release all the pain from the times you have not spoken your truth and the suppression of your creative feminine expression. Meet your fears that limit you from speaking truth and re-claim your authentic word. Bring presence to your spoken word for powerful manifestation with integrity. Embody the sword of truth as laser sharp clarity and discernment. 

Themes Of The Mentorship Program 

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 4.58.06 PM.png

Meet your body with love and honour.

Soften and relax your body, open to the love of your sexuality, nourishing your body temple. Through this honouring meeting with your body, clear self-judgments, love yourself and surrender into blissful being.


Explore how your sexuality has been shaped by your tribal conditioning.

Create embodied awareness of how your sexuality has been shaped by the experiences in your life, your intimate relationships, family, media, religion and institutions. Through clearing work, step into the centre of your sexuality, call in what is true for you and where your sexuality, and your life shall blossom.


Immerse with the elements through your sexuality.

Feel the aliveness of the earth quiver through your body, the caress of the fresh air breathing you, the sensual waters of life undulating in your pelvis, and the sun lighting the fire rippling up your spine. Welcome life as an embodied prayer; say yes to be fully alive in this body as a woman.


Intimately meet your yoni, were you feel and listen to her.

Heal the places that have been numbed or closed. Experience your yoni as a divine flower connecting you with the sexuality of the earth, all of life. Come home into your feminine, to who you truly are.


Embody your true power through the release of the manipulation of power. Purify your sexual essence. See how you have blocked your sexuality due to the fear of the power of the feminine within you. Fully embody the rage of the feminine and listen to your anger. Release the misuse of power, which is a collective unconscious patterning within the world. Embody your true sexual power, which does not move to manipulate or control. Surrender to the deeper knowing of yourself.


Transform the shadow sexual archetypes of the virgin, whore and women’s union.

Release archetypal patterns where you have used your sexuality as a trade or withheld your sexuality. See if you hold yourself as virtuous. Meet how committed you are to yourself. Bring awareness to your fantasies of love relationship. Meet shame around expressing your sexuality. Transform the competitiveness between women. Bring the light of the archetypes into being as sisterhood, pure aliveness, full sexual expression and sexuality as sacred.


Discover the qualities and dimensions of your feminine sexual essence.

Experience the qualities of your feminine sexual essence as receptivity, expansiveness, magnetism and bliss. Open to the dimensions of your sexual essence, as being fully alive in your body, experiencing joy, transformation and awakening, deep wisdom, inspiration and creativity. Welcome your full range of emotions and feel them as energy moving in your body. Awaken to your sexual essence as the movement of life through you, and a journey into your sexual divinity.


Receive the fire of your sexual essence into your heart.

Open your heart, meet the places within that have been abandoned, rejected and hurt. Deeply meet yourself in presence and love. Connect with your breasts as the expression of your love in the world. Feel and express your heart’s longing. Let your longing break you open and take you deeper into your essence. Experience the rippling of your sexual essence into your heart as pure joy to be alive.


An intimate meeting of your inner masculine and feminine.

Welcome your inner masculine as holding your inner feminine in presence and awareness, your container to meet all parts of yourself in your body with love. This is where you fall in love with your masculine as emptiness, meeting the bliss of death. Invite your masculine to penetrate truth through your body, clearing unconsciousness and opening your deeper feminine. This theme shall be woven throughout the program. 


Open to the gift of intimate relationship for growth and transformation.

Bring awareness and compassion to your projections and unconscious reactions in your intimate relationship life. Explore the themes that are alive in relationship such as attraction and repulsion, desire and fear, connect and disconnect. Beneath the pushes and pulls, protection and defences, meet the vulnerable place within you with presence and love. Take responsibility for meeting yourself. Create a healthy relationship with attraction and work with fantasy to uncover unconscious places that need to be met within you. Embody love in relationship and see the other as a gift to become more whole within yourself.


Open your feminine essence calling you into a movement of love, in service to the world.

Surrender into graceful death, empty out all the old ways you have created. Let go of experience, all of existence and rest in the blackness. Listen finely within the subtlest places, open to the new movements of your sexual creative life essence, from deep down in the earth.

Open to new life rising through your body. From the depths of death, this new life of your true essence is expressed in the world.


october 2019- may 2020


During month 6 of the Intensive Mentorship Program the women who have been deeply committed to the Program will be invited to join the 8 month Facilitators Training Program. The Facilitators Training is for women who have a deep call and a longing to support the awakening of the feminine in the world through their own unique essence. 


On the Facilitators Training you shall embody practices to facilitate from your feminine essence, the love in your heart, the deep presence of your masculine and your soul light of being to create the most loving, safe and present container for the women or people you work with in the world. 


This Facilitators Training is for women who feel the awakening of the feminine, in her full sexual radiance, will contribute to awakening of embodied love on the planet. The training will resonate with psychotherapists, somatic therapists, yoga and dance teachers, group-work facilitators, doulas, constellation therapists, body workers of any kind, life coaches and anyone working in the fields of consciousness, love, sexuality and embodiment.

The Facilitator Training Themes

PHOTO-2018-12-17-03-13-23 2.jpg

Explore your deepest calling, longings and motivations.

Discover your conscious and unconscious motivations of why you would like to be a facilitator of the awakening of the feminine. Open to your true calling and longing. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 9.41.21 am.jpg

Develop the capacity to listen from your three centers of being.

Listen from your yoni as sensation, heart as deep feeling and love, and your silent mind as spacious awareness.


Create a safe container where the women feel completely held.

Rest within your soul essence and open the field of love inside your body to hold the subtle energetic container around the circle of women. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 9.33.13 am.jpg

Rest into your core essence.

Become an open channel of love and presence meeting all that arrises without being triggered or pulled by projections in the group.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 10.25.07

Feel the pain, shut down, fear as well as the bliss. 

Meet the expansion and opening, as sensation with the willingness to open and feel both. Move this through your body and the body of the group. Welcome it all. Hold the space in present love with all that is occurring.


Guide women into their awakened feminine sexual essence. 

With breath, directed awareness, subtle movements and touch learn how to guide women into softening and opening to their awakened sexual essence from their yoni's into their hearts and the world.  


Allow your inspiration to shine, be magnificent, be magnetic and move from your absolute delight and joy.

Explore the feminine facilitation style and qualities. Cultivate the shaman and embrace the increased transformation that you will experience as a facilitator of the awakening of the feminine on this planet.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 10.20.35

Tune into session theme in alignment with who you are.

Explore the contents, number of practices, sharing own experience in teaching, teaching and knowledge, women sharing circle and group practice, break out sessions, how to receive feedback, session timing and home work given. Magneitize women to your work through creating a space, structure, and communications that resonate with your unique feminine essence.



I Would Like To Share A Part Of My Personal Journey With You... 


The beginning of my life path was somewhat conventional. I went to university and got married at an early age. I established a home and day-to-day working in an office environment. It was during this time where I was unable to rest, and started to realize the disconnection between my body, heart and soul. This began an enquiry of deep contemplation in my life, a longing to discover what love is and who I truly am. My body began to hurt and I heard the call within, that there is more to my sexuality and to life itself. I realised that I had created a life from my conditioning and not a life that was true to the depths of who I am. 


I was guided to meet my dear teacher, Dr Shakti Malan who held an immersion of the feminine in nature. Here I embodied the awakening of sexual essence of the earth through my body. From this time followed five years of initiation into the feminine. I was moved to end my marriage and leave my corporate job. I spent hours daily on self-retreat immersed in nature opening to life moving through my body. This was an inward discovery into my heart as love and my body as radiant light. There was much burning and transformation of old forms and ways I had put myself together, silence with no speech, and feeling the pain of the core wounds of humanity. I experienced surrendering into the earth, receiving her love transmission, feeling connected to all of life with much aliveness and bliss moving through my being. 


My sexuality went through a returning back home within, with no pushes or pulls, manipulations or controls. There was an emptying out of the patterning and conditioning from my personal past, lineage and the collective. I received a clear message that I am here to guide women into the feminine. The feminine continues to awaken more deeply within, through listening, feeling and the willingness to meet all parts of myself with love and awareness. My sexuality moves through my body freely, as undulating spirals of bliss, sharing wisdom and opening the depths of my essence, layer by layer. This radiant light opens my heart into joy and from here I listen and move with life's call.


I have worked with hundreds of women between the ages of 20 and 70 years old across the world over the past decade, which has been a journey of birthing my body of work “Sexual Awakening as Embodied Love” in deep devotion to the divine feminine. 


It is an honour to guide women in their awakening through their sexuality.

I look forward to meeting the women who are called to this body of work. 


It is beautiful.


MARCH 2019 - FEBRUARY 2020

To show your interest in the Intensive Mentorship Program, complete your contact details here and we shall email you an application form with registration details. 
Application for the eight month Facilitators Training shall be by invitation only during August 2019 and shall be held from october 2019 - may 2020.