awakening the depths of the feminine

with the masculine in devotion to her

juliet haines body of work guides women into a remembering of who they truly are, through the awakening of the depth of the feminine,

with the masculine in devotion to her.

this is a deeply transformational journey, embodying your divinity into your humanity.


When women support each other on this profound journey, grace emerges and the

sweetness of beauty blossoms.

It is through this awakening of the feminine we birth new forms of love into the world.

This is our power and potential as women.

As we journey into the feminine.


Layers open within our bodies.


That have been protected and hardened.


Opening and softening around our hearts and wombs.


emptying into the grace of silent surrender.


Spaciousness and holding to feel the feelings.


Past relationships emerge to be loved and for resolution.


healing of hurts where the feminine has been pushed down.


Release of ancient conditioning, imprinting and patterning.


awakening and healing of our sexuality and purification of our power.


Being present with all that arises in the deepest compassion. 


Channeling the potency of our fire, as penetrating truth and clarity.


This opens an immense amount of life rising through us.


Our womanly bodies surrender into beauty, bliss and radiance. 


resting deeply within the embodiment of the feminine.


Making love to our human tenderness.


She welcomes and invites us home into the depths of Her. 


into the vast mystery of the blackness of her womb. 


Nourishing us into our fullness, wisdom and power. 


Rising through us as what is deeply true to be birthed into the world. 

this transformational journey touches deep tenderness in our humanity where the
protective layers are softened with love and presence, where true healing is
birthed between the masculine and feminine.
this ripples out into our intimate relating with ourselves, others and all of life.   
this awakening opens divinity into humanity, and is a blessing to all beings.

I’m honored to guide you on this transformational journey into the depths of the feminine rising through you as pure life. A journey spiraling inwards and downwards embodying your divinity.


I have worked with thousands of women across the world and there is a deep call. Women are feeling a longing and a knowing of the love and life within, but not knowing how to access it. They sense the feminine as an immense power for awakening in the world, but being afraid of this power.

The feminine has been repressed for thousands of years through collective conditioning and now the depths of Her is awakening with the masculine in devotion to birthing a new humanity. 

This journey is an honoring of the feminine as the power of creation, the divine mystery of life. She is the earth mother holding us in her nourishment, her wisdom, deep knowing and remembering. She softly opens through us as a sacred flower of power and beauty through devotional love and presence. She is calling us to listen to Her, to come home during these transformational times in our world. 


I look forward to meeting the women who hear the deep call.


With love,

dear women,


* Programs with Juliet are held in love and presence. The transmission of the feminine is palpable through her being.

~ testimonials ~

"I love the deep connections Juliet facilitates, both within our selves and each other. She transmits an exquisite presence of the Divine Feminine, meets women where they are and has a gift of holding women in soft love and laser sharp clarity. At one point in the workshop Juliet asked us to express our sexuality through subtle body movement. I looked around the circle of women and in that moment realized that I wanted to share my love, my sexual life force with all the women. I began to dance from each woman to the next, offering my sexual essence to them as an expression of my love. I came to Juliet and we began a connection of raw, pure power. My entire body pulsated with aliveness. It was apparently spellbinding, as described by the woman watching. I felt so much life, fire flowing through me! This was revolutionary to realize how much I had inside. Since the retreat I continue to work on deepening this within myself and sharing this with my husband and the world. We had a very stagnant sexual intimacy and now connect deeper with more meaningful lovemaking."

—  Janice Butler, Family Councilor for 30 years

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