12 month Online Mentorship Program &

Optional Facilitators Training



Welcome Women to the Sexual Awakening as Embodied Love Online Program!

It is with profound delight that I receive you on this program - the birth of my body of work in the form of a twelve month container. Many women have shared with me that after a retreat they experience deep opening and connection to the feminine and then they move back into their old ways of being. This 12 month container shall keep you connected and deepening where you shall embody and ground all your awakenings. 


I look forward to guiding you as we enter the sacred temple of our feminine sexual essence in union with our masculine. We shall undergo a sacred initiation and grounding in the deep feminine. Every step of the way, I will be journeying with you and supporting you through this profound awakening of healing and discovery. I believe that this duration of time we have to go deeper together will open us to an entirely different place in embodying the Feminine in our sexuality and in our living lives. I acknowledge you all for hearing the deep call to reclaiming your sexual fire as women and deeply believe that it will not only open you to a much deeper relationship with the pure essence of your own womanhood, but have a profound effect on the quality of your creativity and presence in the world. Moreover, I feel that our world needs this awakening. It is my deepest desire that the commitment each one of us brings to this program will contribute to the awakening of the feminine as love in the world. 


I would like to honor and give gratitude to my dear late mentor Dr Shakti Malan, she has been with me every step of the way in birthing this program showering golden droplets of grace into my heart. You can call on her essence during our journey together.


With love and devotion,