a discovery of who you truly are,


This immersion will set you on your discovery of awakening as woman through your sexuality, coming home to your being, as who you truly are, the embodiment of love unfolding.


Women are guided by Juliet Haines, an international teacher and facilitator, who has led hundreds of women across the world on this profound and life transforming discovery. Immersions with Juliet are held in depth, love and presence with a lightness of being. The transmission of the feminine is palpable through her presence.

* Embrace your full passion and power as a Woman
* Discover the mystery of the Feminine
* open your radiant beauty embodying your Sexual Essence
* Be fully alive, in your Wholeness, Creativity and Bliss
* Embody radiant love in your intimacy
* shine your true essence into the world

It is time to turn within and release all that has been limiting you from your personal past and collective conditioning.


* Discover the path of awakening through the union of masculine and feminine essences within
* Discover your sexual essence as pure life force opening into your heart and purpose
* Awakening the feminine as inner beauty and discovering your receptivity, wisdom and power
* Receive your body as a temple of life opening to the elements moving you as the awakening feminine 
* Explore how relationship, sexuality and love has been shaped through conditioning and the collective
* Release the relating and sexuality paradigms / conditioning and call in what is true for you
* Infuse consciousness into the field of attraction to experience and men for your awakening
* Clearing the unconscious manipulative ways in which you have used their sexuality
* Meet the deepest terror and rage that creates a shut down of power as a gateway
* Embrace your purified power and creative life essence moving from the earth into your heart
* Integrate polarity into the heart by embracing the dance of openings and closings in relationship and life
* Explore the shadow and the light of the virgin whore split to awaken sacred sexuality
* Awaken the fire of love and depths of longing by healing abandonment, rejection and betrayal 
* Receive the divine masculine, feeling held and contained, with deep integrity and dedication to truth
* Open to the divine feminine healing tender places within you and awakening you to who you truly are
* Embrace relationship with man as a mirror and gift for transformation to becoming more whole within
* Heal the sacred wound between the masculine and feminine within self and in the world
* Embody radiant love in your intimate relating with self, others and the world
* Know why you are here and ignite your true gift into the world through your unique essence
* Form loving and supportive sisterhood relationships


The immersions are held amongst untouched nature. You shall learn a feminine awakening practices engaging breath, body movements, awareness and sound. Other processes involve free movement, journaling, contemplation, meditation, truthful reflection and sacred touch.


The embodiment of your feminine sexual essence brings our world into balance. These teachings support the embrace of your body as a woman, blossoming into your full potential in service to the world.




Meet your body with love and honour.

Soften and relax your body, open to the love of your sexuality, nourishing your body temple. Through this honouring meeting with your body, clear self-judgments, love yourself and surrender into blissful being.


Explore how your sexuality has been shaped by your tribal conditioning.

Create embodied awareness of how your sexuality has been shaped by the experiences in your life, your intimate relationships, family, media, religion and institutions. Through clearing work, step into the centre of your sexuality, call in what is true for you and where your sexuality, and your life shall blossom.


Immerse with the elements through your sexuality.

Feel the aliveness of the earth quiver through your body, the caress of the fresh air breathing you, the sensual waters of life undulating in your pelvis, and the sun lighting the fire rippling up your spine. Welcome life as an embodied prayer; say yes to be fully alive in this body as a woman.


Intimately meet your yoni, were you feel and listen to her.

Heal the places that have been numbed or closed. Experience your yoni as a divine flower connecting you with the sexuality of the earth, all of life. Come home into your feminine, to who you truly are.


Embody your true power through the release of the manipulation of power.

See how you have blocked your sexuality due to the fear of the power of the feminine within you. Fully embody the rage of the feminine and listen to your anger. Release the misuse of power, which is a collective unconscious patterning within the world. Embody your true sexual power, which does not move to manipulate or control. Surrender to the deeper knowing of yourself.


Transform the shadow sexual archetypes of the virgin, whore and women’s union.

Release archetypal patterns where you have used your sexuality as a trade or withheld your sexuality. See if you hold yourself as virtuous. Meet how committed you are to yourself. Bring awareness to your fantasies of love relationship. Meet shame around expressing your sexuality. Transform the competitiveness between women. Bring the light of the archetypes into being as sisterhood, pure aliveness, full sexual expression and sexuality as sacred.


Discover the qualities and dimensions of your feminine sexual essence.

Experience the qualities of your feminine sexual essence as receptivity, expansiveness, magnetism and bliss. Open to the dimensions of your sexual essence, as being fully alive in your body, experiencing joy, transformation and awakening, deep wisdom, inspiration and creativity. Welcome your full range of emotions and feel them as energy moving in your body. Awaken to your sexual essence as the movement of life through you, and a journey into your sexual divinity.


Receive the fire of your sexual essence into your heart.

Open your heart, meet the places within that have been abandoned, rejected and hurt. Deeply meet yourself in presence and love. Connect with your breasts as the expression of your love in the world. Feel and express your heart’s longing. Let your longing break you open and take you deeper into your essence. Experience the rippling of your sexual essence into your heart as pure joy to be alive.


An intimate meeting of your inner masculine and feminine.

Welcome your inner masculine as holding your inner feminine in presence and awareness, your container to meet all parts of yourself in your body with love. This is where you fall in love with your masculine as emptiness, meeting the bliss of death. Invite your masculine to penetrate truth through your body, clearing unconsciousness and opening your deeper feminine.


Open to the gift of intimate relationship for growth and transformation.

Bring awareness and compassion to your projections and unconscious reactions in your intimate relationship life. Explore the themes that are alive in relationship such as attraction and repulsion, desire and fear, connect and disconnect. Beneath the pushes and pulls, protection and defenses, meet the vulnerable place within you with presence and love. Take responsibility for meeting yourself. Create a healthy relationship with attraction and work with fantasy to uncover unconscious places that need to be met within you. Embody love in relationship and see the other as a gift to become more whole within yourself.


Open your feminine essence calling you into a movement of love, in service to the world.

Surrender into graceful death, empty out all the old ways you have created. Let go of experience, all of existence and rest in the blackness. Listen finely within the subtlest places, open to the new movements of your sexual creative life essence, from deep down in the earth.

Open to new life rising through your body. From the depths of death, this new life of your true essence is expressed in the world.


Juliet’s work is inspired by her dear late teacher Dr Shakti Malan, Author of Sexual Awakening for Women.

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men & women's program

awakening sovereign unity


This is a space for men and women to be together for transformation and rising in love through the intimate relationship. 


The gifts of this work ~

Come into a shared experience of the gifts the attraction creates for awakening and transformation. Meet self in sexuality and love. Be fully present in vulnerability and truth. Soften and let go of the protection that arrises. Meet the places that are ready for love in presence. Rest within your inner union. Open into wholeness and fuller potential.

* Explore what intimate relationship is for you
* Discover your relationship to your own sexual essence and heart
* Become aware of your protection to feeling vulnerable
* Move beyond the pushes and pulls in relating
* Meet your desires and fears in intimacy
* Create a healthy relationship with attraction
* work with fantasy to reveal unconscious places to awaken you
* See parts of yourself in the other and integrate these to become more whole 
* Rejoice the other, embrace the other and challenge the other
* Drop through the layers of perception of this man / this women into the essence of your true meeting
* Meet the places within that have closed due to past hurts
* Rest within yourself, not loosing self in the other, and meeting in the union
* Bring your awakened sexual essence into love making with your partner
* Experience intimacy for transformation, awakening and deepening into love

On this workshop you shall learn a awakening sovereign unity practice engaging breath, subtle body movements and deep awareness. The practice involves both men and women becoming aware of and creating a relationship with their own sexual essence, heart and consciousness, and resting within. From this connection to self there is a meeting in union with the other through sensing, love and deep presence. 

More practices involve free movement, journaling, silence, contemplation, meditation, and truthful reflection.

This work is held in the most sacred way, fully clothed, and supported by Juliet's presence.

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awakening the depths of the feminine ~ SESSIONS FOR WOMEN

Juliet meets women from her feminine essence sensing into their heart and body. She guides women in releasing their protective layers around their bodies and hearts, and clearing the unconscious patterns in their sexuality, intimate relationship and their lives. Her transmission supports you into a deepened intimacy with yourself, to embrace intimate relationship for awakening and to embody your feminine sexual essence as radiant love in your life. Her gift is to guide women into who they truly are and to be their essence of love in the world. 


Juliet supports men and women to awaken and transform through their intimate relationship. To come into a shared experience of the gifts of the attraction. Meeting self and other in sexuality, heart and consciousness. Being fully present in vulnerability and truth. Softening and letting go of the protection that arrises. Meeting the places that are revealed to be loved in presence. Rest within the inner union. Open into wholeness and fuller potential.

An aspect of this process is an awakening sovereign unity practice that she teaches engaging breath, subtle body movements and deep awareness. The practice involves both men and women becoming aware of and creating a relationship with their own sexual essence, heart and consciousness. From this deep connection within there is a meeting in union with the other through sensing, heart and presence. 


Juliet has worked with hundreds of men and women of all ages across the world and many couples. She has the capacity to meet people where they are on their journey of awakening.


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sexual awakening as embodied love


The Inner Women’s Circle is for all women who have been on retreat with Juliet. A space where women can share their experiences and connect with each other about their awakening discoveries and are welcome to engage with Juliet. The platforms for this circle are a private facebook group for engagement, a monthly online meeting with latest transmission and weekly wisdom theme topic recordings.

The Inner Women’s Circle has been created to keep us connected in sisterhood and to continue deepening into our radiant feminine awakening, coming home to who we truly are, as embodied women. Supporting our love unfolding as a blessing to the world.

* This is only for women who have been on retreat with Juliet