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Juliet meets women from the depths of the feminine sensing and listening into their heart, body and consciousness. She guides women in softening their hardened protective layers around their bodies and hearts, and hollowing out their conditioned imprinting and patterning in their sexuality, intimate relating and their lives. Her transmission supports women into a deepened intimacy with themselves, to embrace intimate relationship for awakening and to embody their feminine essence as radiant love and all of life. Her gift is to guide women into who they truly are and to be their unique essence in the world. 

union of masculine and feminine - SESSIONS / MENTORSHIP FOR COUPLES

Juliet supports women and couples to awaken and heal through their intimate relating with self, others and life. To come into a shared container of the gifts of their attraction through body, heart and soul. Meeting self and other in sexuality, heart and consciousness. Being fully present in vulnerability and truth. Softening the protection that arrises from the conditioned patterns. Meeting the places that are touched to be loved in presence. Resting within the inner union. Opening into wholeness and fuller potential.

An aspect of this journey is an Awakening Union Practice that she teaches engaging breath, subtle body movements and deep awareness. The practice involves both men and women becoming aware of and creating a relationship with their own sexual essence, heart and consciousness. From this deep connection within, there is a meeting in body, heart and head with the other through sensing, heart and presence. 


Juliet has guided over a thousand people of all genders and ages around the world and many couples. She has the capacity to meet people where they are on their journey of healing and awakening through relating.


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Birthing the Depths of the Feminine


a remembering of who you truly are,


The Women's Retreat is a discovery and remembering of who you truly are through the awakening of the feminine, coming home to your being, as the embodiment of love and life. 


Women are guided by Juliet Haines, Guardian of lost feminine wisdom streams, who has guided over a thousand women around the world on this profound journey into the Feminine with the Masculine in Devotion. Immersions with Juliet are held in wild untouched nature in the depth of love and presence with a lightness of being. The transmission of the feminine is palpable through her being.

As we journey into the feminine.


Layers open within our bodies.


That have been protected and hardened.


Opening and softening around our hearts and wombs.


Hollowing into the grace of silent surrender.


Spaciousness and holding to feel the feelings.


relationships shall emerge to be loved and for resolution.


healing of hurts where the feminine has been pushed down.


Unraveling of ancient conditioning, imprinting and patterning.


awakening and healing of our sexuality and purification of our power.


Being present with all that arises in the deepest compassion. 


Channeling the potency of our fire, as penetrating truth and clarity.


This opens an immense amount of life rising through us.


Our womanly bodies surrender into beauty, bliss and radiance. 


resting deeply within the embodiment of the feminine.


Making love to our human tenderness.


She welcomes and invites us home into the depths of Her. 


into the vast mystery of the blackness of her womb. 


Nourishing us into our fullness, wisdom and power. 


Rising through us as what is deeply true to be birthed into the world. 

  • Awaken love through embodying the depth of feminine with masculine in devotion
  • Remember who you truly are through the power of your divine sexuality
  • Embrace intimate relating and the fire of truth, for your deeper evolution 
  • welcome the tender layers of your humanity beyond the protection with love and presence
  • Embody your fire and power by channeling your rage
  • Surrender into the wisdom and nourishment of the earth
  • Discover the mystery of life, the feminine filling you and open to grace
  • Open your radiant beauty embodying your sexual essence into your heart and the divine
  • Transform the collective conditioning, personal and ancestral patterning creating imprints of the masculine and feminine
  • Integrate the shadow and the light of the archetypal patterns of the virgin and whore
  • Embody your divinity with love in your intimacy with self, others and the world
  • Receive the masculine as truth, integrity, clarity, containment and devotion
  • Deepen into who you truly are, where the divine masculine is in devotion to the awakened feminine


The immersions are held amongst untouched nature. You shall learn feminine awakening practices engaging breath, body movements, awareness and sound. Other processes involve free movement, journaling, contemplation, truthful reflection and sacred touch.


The embodiment of your feminine essence with the inner masculine in devotion brings our world into balance. These teachings support the embrace of your body as a woman, embodying your divinity and blossoming into your full potential.

Juliet holds retreats in America, Canada, Europe and South Africa annually. For details about the up and coming women’s retreats view the calendar HERE. 



Juliet holds retreats in America, Canada, Europe and South Africa annually. For details about the up and coming women’s retreats view the calendar HERE.



With Self, Others & Life

men & women's programs

union of masculine and feminine essences


This is a Journey for Singles, Couples and People of all Genders to heal and awaken through their intimate relating with themselves, others and all of Life. 


The gifts of this body of work ~


Relationship as a Path for Awakening and Healing

A journey guiding people of all genders through the union of the masculine and feminine essences.

On this journey of awakening relationship there is nothing to analyse, fix, change, improve, self develop, enlighten or a specific place to arrive. There is nothing to get for yourself.

Each layer touched in the intimacy is invited to be beheld and cherished as a Gift with the deepest compassion, humbling and gratitude to receiving the beloved.

This is the artful embodiment of present love with self, others and the world as a foundation for divine sexual union, and cherishing being in intimate relating with all of Life as a gift for healing, becoming whole and embodying soul.

This body of work supports connecting with consciousness, love and sexuality to invite the depths of the masculine and feminine to tenderly love through the layers of hardened protection and conditioned imprints and patterns that arise in the intimate relating with 'other' and the world.

These tender layers are invited and welcomed to be felt and healed in the presence of love and integrated into wholeness.

With this deepened Inner Union the flame of love and truth is reflected in the relating with others. The Inner and Outer relating is invited to be seen as a cherishing and honouring of the preciousness of meeting more of yourself, healing and unfolding who you truly are.

* discover the wounded, mature and divine masculine and feminine essences within 

* Open to consciousness meeting form through the head, heart and belly

* Unravel the conditioning and imprinting of relationship, sexuality and love

* Discover your sexual essence as your fire, opening into heart and aligning purpose

* embracing the dance of polarity by integrating the pushes and pulls, openings and closings, desires and fears, into the union of love

* Explore the shadow and the light of the archetypal patterns in relating between man and woman 
* Create a healthy relationship with attraction
* work with fantasy to reveal places to awaken and heal you

* Awaken the layers in the heart into the flame of love and deepest compassion

* Embrace the gift of the mirror in the intimate relating
* Bring your awakened sexual essence into love making with your partner
* Heal tender layers touched in the intimate relating

* Receive the keys of union in your relating with self, other and the world
* Embrace intimacy for transformation, awakening, purpose and deepening in love

Awakening Union Practices are guided engaging breath, subtle body movements and awareness. The practices involves both men and women becoming aware of and creating a relationship with their own sexual essence, heart and consciousness, and resting within the union within themselves and with each other. From this connection to self there is a meeting in body, heart, head with the "other" through sensing, love and deep presence.

More practices involve free movement, journaling, silence, contemplation, meditation, and truthful reflection.

This work is held in the most sacred way and supported by Juliet's presence.

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