Art of Creation from the Feminine

9 month Facilitation Program

With Juliet Haines 




The women who have been deeply committed to the "12 Month Online Program - Awakening the Depths of the Feminine"  will be invited to join the "9 Month Facilitation Training Program". The Art of Facilitation from the Feminine Program is for women who have a deep call and a longing to support the awakening of the feminine in the world through their own unique offerings. They are called to share the ancient feminine wisdom teachings of divinity embodied, Shakti as primordial life force, tending the birth of the Earth Soul, Gaia Sophia. 


On the Facilitation Training you shall embody practices to facilitate from the depths of the feminine, the love in your heart, the deep presence of the masculine and your soul light of being to create the most awake and loving present container for the women or people you serve in the world. 


This Facilitation Training is for women who hear the awakening of the feminine, in her full depth , will contribute to awakening of embodied love in the world. The training will resonate with psychotherapists, somatic therapists, yoga and dance teachers, group-work facilitators, constellation therapists, body workers of any kind, life coaches and anyone working in the fields of

consciousness, love, sexuality and embodiment.

The Facilitation program Themes


Open to your deepest calling, longings and motivations.

Explore your deepest fears to awaken your deepest longings.

Discover your conscious and unconscious motivations of why you would like to be a facilitator of the awakening of the feminine. Explore your desires and fears as you move more fully into facilitation. Open more deeply to your true calling and longing. 


Develop the capacity to listen from your three centers of being.

Introducing listening as the core essence of feminine facilitation. Become a vessel of deep listening. Listen from your body as sensation, heart as deep feeling and love, and your silent mind as spacious presence and awareness.


Create a safe container where the women feel completely held.

Create the container for your body of work. Create a container for yourself before, during and after holding space. Rest within your soul essence, the core of your being, open as divine vessel. Create clear guidelines around self care, responsibility and respecting sacredness of what women share. Open the field of love inside your body to hold the subtle field of the container around the circle of women.


Rest into your being and connect with your soul to create the invitation.

Open the field of invitation by resting into your being, this is where your soul essence is grounded inside of your body. In this field of invitation listen to your souls song. What are you here to sing into the world. Create your invitation through the weaving of your soul song grounded in your body, heart open and rested into the earth. 


Feel the pain, shut down, fear as well as the bliss, fullness and expansion. 

Cultivate the shaman, the capacity to feel and listen to what is not being said. Meet the expansions and contractions, as sensation with the willingness to open and feel both. Move this through your body and the body of the earth. Process projections from the group. Support the release of trauma in a gentle and safely guided process. Become an open channel of love and presence welcoming all that arrises in the field for deep healing and awakening. 


Guide women into the awakening of the feminine through their bodies.

Embrace the increased transformation that you will experience as a facilitator of the awakening of the feminine. Deepen into your facilitation style exploring the feminine archetypes. Embodying Dakini, Divine Mother and Holy Temple Priestess. Discover the subtle keys in guiding women into the feminine in a held safe space. With breath, directed awareness, subtle movements and touch, learn how to guide women into softening and opening to the awakened feminine in union with the masculine. 


Tune into session theme in alignment with who you truly are.
Welcome women to your creation through deeply feeling them, opening the space and communications that resonate with your unique essence. Align the invitation themes to resonate with your soul song. Explore the structure and flow of your creation through group practices, wisdom, sharing circle, break out sessions, how to receive feedback, session timing and contemplations given.


AWAKEN YOUR FIRE into the world

Allow your inspiration to shine and move from your joy.

Explore space, time, structure, formats and channels in which to share your gift with the world. Create the agreements with the women you are serving which clearly creates self responsibility and holding of their own transformational journey. Receive the masculine in devotion to the awakening of the feminine rising through you and into the world. Open into the expansion of your body of work into the world by birthing the feminine in devotional love for humanity. 

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